Jeff Devine

I only tell you what to do because I love you

Thanksgiving Break

I am in Indianapolis sitting at my parent’s dinner table learning to love and hate Wordpress all at the same time. While my ultimate goal is to relax and catch up on sleep, I have a ridiculously long list of things I wanted to get done on my “vacation” (I blame my parents for this work ethic). So far today I’ve:

  • Signed up for Flikr
  • Approved and sent our “Save The Date” cards to the printers
  • Watched my mom make pie and cheese cake
  • Updated my Wordpress Theme and started hacking it
  • Transcribed 2 Emmet Otter songs with my Dad
  • Convinced Waterwell to use Dabble for our donor analysis (scrapping my ProClarity/SQL 2005 solution which really wasn’t helping anyone)
  • Obligatory Tweets to stay young and hip
  • Signed up for Facebook

Yes you heard it, I did what I said I’d never do and created an account. However it is not my personal site; it is for Creek Creative. We want to meet other musicians and singer/songwriters in and around Long Island City so this seems to be what all the hip kids in Billyburg are doing.

I still see Facebook as nothing more than a highly tuned advertising engine and I have no desire to join yet another social networking site.

It is time to scour the south side of Indianapolis and see if we can locate quality whisky. I already know you can’t buy the Financial Times so hoping for a nice Talisker might be asking too much…

[Update] - Scotch has been found deep in the south-side ironically a block from my highschool. Balvenie Doublewood and a Talisker 10.