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Twitter & Guitar Center

On Christmas Eve, I went with my brother and father to Guitar Center to pick up a Nord Electro 2. Since any trip to GC seems to take too long, I tweeted the following while waiting on the Nord to appear from the back:

Just left Guitar Center, which I hate, to get a Nord Electro for our annual Christmas jam.

I’ve had a history of bad experiences at Guitar Center including a custom-order cymbal case, which took over 8 months and weekly phone calls to get; and it ended up being the wrong product.

As a result, I don’t give Guitar Center my business unless it is absolutely necessary. This isn’t too hard, as they normally don’t stock what I’m interested in. Drummer’s World, Sweetwater or Musican’s Friend fit the bill.

Less than 3 hours after I sent the seemingly innocuous tweet, I receive an email that Norman Hajjar is now following me on Twitter. Norman happens to be the Chief Marketing Officer of Guitar Center.

A quick look at his tweets and it was clear he understands the power of Twitter and how it can make a difference. If I had this connection a few years ago when I was literally fighting just to speak to someone who could help me locate my cymbal case, I know I wouldn’t have the resentment I now feel towards Guitar Center.

I’m not an overnight convert; having a C-level Exec that understands the power of social media doesn’t make a company automagically run better. But this does give me hope and I will give Guitar Center a second chance.

At least now I know that if the customer experience stays the same, I’m 140 characters away from someone who can do something about it.