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Who Cares About Multitasking on a Tablet?

One of BlackBerry’s primary talking points for its Playbook is that multitasking is its major iPad-killing feature. For the average enterprise and home user, I don’t understand how this is a feature that anyone would care about.

Every demo BlackBerry gives usually goes something like this:

  1. Launch Movie, play it
  2. Launch eBook Store
  3. Launch Calculator
  4. Launch Web Browser
  5. Switch between the applications to show that they are still running

Without fail, they say something along the lines of “this is true multitasking, we aren’t just freezing the applications in the background.” This, of course, differentiates the Playbook from iOS devices since Apple’s implementation of multitasking will freeze all background applications (save for a few functions such as GPS, music, incoming voip calls, etc)

So the PlayBook user can have a calculator and web browser actively running in the background while they buy a book? This offers nothing more than strain on resources, specifically the battery.

Any company who thinks it can innovate in the tablet space by replicating a PC experience has already failed. Microsoft tried this for almost a decade and failed miserably. BlackBerry is on course to repeat history.